Theraputic Massage by an Experienced Licensed Massage Therapist

Ahh, how sweet to let go with massage. When you receive a massage from Victoria, each treatment is a unique combination of the many specialized types of bodywork that she practices.

Victoria is experienced and certified in many different massage modalities. Listed below are brief descriptions of each.

Swedish. Long strokes and a satisfying kneading of muscles, the smoothing of oil on bare skin, muscle relaxation, and the pleasant letting go of stress. 

Deep Tissue. Firm pressure focused on loosening the bonds between the layers of fascia including trigger point therapy. Excellent for releasing "knots".

Muscle Release Technique. Passive stretches that loosen and oxygenates muscles and works on increasing flexibility.  This technique is excellent for people in pain and athletes.

Reflexology. Finger and thumb pressure to just the feet to promote health. The foot is a map for the human body, pressing on areas of the feet that correspond to other areas such as organs. Pressing a particular point is said to relieve energy blockages in the associated part of the body.

Medical Massage. Advanced neuromuscular therapy technique to relieve pain in the neck, back, arm shoulders and legs. This massage is short in duration, specific and referred by a physician, chiropractor, physical therapist, or other health professional.