Just for today:

  • Do not worry,
  • Do not get angryimage
  • Be grateful,
  • Do an honest day's work, and
  • Be kind to yourself and others.

                             Mikao Usui

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning spiritual (Rei) energy (ki). The system of Reiki was developed in the early 1900s by a Japanese man named Mikao Usui based on his personal experiences of working with energy. You can experience Reiki in two ways: with a Reiki treatment or learning to practice the system of Reiki yourself by taking a Reiki Class.

Experience a Reiki treatment with Victoria

You will lie fully clothed, on a massage table while she places her hands lightly on or above your body. During the session you will listen to a personally selected set of music that address the intention of your session. This Harmonic Resonance Process (HRP TM) music will open the mind-body connection through a harmonic – or vibrational – resonance.

You may feel tingling, warmth or perhaps you will drift off into a gentle "floating" space where day-dreams occur naturally. When your session is over you will experience a profound sense of wellbeing and balance. Your physical symptoms of pain and stress will be reduced or eliminated just by the cleansing effect of a hands-on Reiki treatment.

Reiki Classes

Further your healing journey by learning the Japanese art of Reiki in one of Victoria's Reiki level l or level ll classes. Victoria's classes are focused on teaching you the simple system of Reiki for your personal self-healing. She teaches a Classical style of Japanese Reiki focused on the five elements of system of Reiki. Join her lively classes, receive a Reiki treatment and learn to give a hands-on treatment. See the "Classes" tab on the left for Class schedule.

Why Study with Victoria?

Victoria is an
experienced hand-on practitioner who will gently guide you into the experience of Reiki. Her classes are focused, fun, and experiential. Victoria has worked with many new Reiki practitioners from other Reiki branches, and she's found they often lack the confidence. Because of her hands-on experience in massage and Reiki, you will emerge from her classes with the confidence to practice.